.::English Introduction::.

Fluid Mechanics is the course of applied Mechanics concerned with the static and dynamics of liquids and gases. A Fluid either in motion (Fluid Dynamics) or at rest (Fluid Statics) and the subsequent effects of the fluid upon the boundaries, which may be either solid surface or interfaces with other fluids are presented. The course can help undergraduate students to understand hydrostatics and fluid movement. This course are divided into twelve parts, they include:
(1) The Properties of Fluids
(2) Hydrostatics
(3) Element of Fluid Dynamics
(4) Similarity
(5) Losses of Energy in Pipe-lines and it’s Calculation
(6) Incompressible Plane Potential Flow
(7) Basic Theory of Boundary Layer
(8) Turbulent Jet
(9) Element of Gasdynamics
(10) Expansion waves and Shock Wave
(11) One-Dimensional Pipe-Flow
(12) Characteristic of Steady Two-Dimensional Supersonic Flow

Chapter one: The Properties of Fluids
1-1 Preliminary Remarks
1-2 The Fluid as a Continuum
1-3 Compressibility and Expansions
1-4 Viscosity

Chapter Two : Hydrostatics
2-1 Hydrostatic Pressure and its properties
2-2 Euler Equiliblum Equation
2-3 Hydrostatic Pressure Distribution under Gravity
2-4 Hydrostatic Force on Plane Surface
2-5 Hydrostatic Force on Curved Surface
2-6 Relative Equilibrium of Moving Fluids
2-7 Surface Tension
2-8 Pressure Measurement

Chapter Three : Element of Fluid Dynamics
3-1 Description of Fluid Flow and Basic Concepts
3-2 Flow Patters of Fluid Element
3-3 The Reynold’s Transport Theorem
3-4 Continuity Equation
3-5 Integrated Momentum Equation and Angler Momentum Equation
3-6 Momentum Equation for non-viscosity Flow (Euler Equation)
3-7 Momentum Equation for viscosity Flow (N-S Equation)
3-8 Bernoulli’s Equation
3-9 Bernoulli’s Equation for Viscosity Flow
3-10 Application of Bernoulli’s Equation
3-11 Energy Equation

Chapter Four : Similarity
4-1 Introduction
4-2 The PI Theorem
4-3 The Criterions of Similarity
4-4 Approximate method of Fluid Mechanics

Chapter Five : Losses of Energy in Pipe-lines and it’s Calculation
5-1 Flow Condition and Classify of Losses
5-2 Laminar Flow in Pipe
5-3 Turbulent Flow in Pipe
5-4 Friction Losses in Turbulent Pipe Flow
5-5 Local Losses in Pipe Flow
5-6 Losses of Energy in Pipe

Chapter Six: Incompressible Plane Potential Flow
6-1 Potential Function & Stream function
6-2 Elementary Plane-Flow Solutions
6-3 Superposition of Plane-Flow Solutions

Chapter seven : Basic Theory of Boundary Layer
7-1 Introduction of Boundary Layer
7-2 Properties of Boundary Layer
7-3 Boundary Layer Derivative Equation
7-4 Boundary Layer Integrated Equation
7-5 Laminar Boundary Layer Solver by Integrated Equation
7-6 Turbulent Boundary Layer Solver by Integrated Equation
7-7 Boundary Layer Separations and Control

Chapter eight : Turbulent Jet
8-1 Free Jet
8-2 Complex Jet

Chapter nine : Element of Gasdynamics
9-1 The Propagation of infinitesimal Pressure Pulse
9-2 Governing Equations and Boundary Conditions of Perfect Gas
9-3 Important Parameters of Gas Flow
9-4 Gas-Dynamic Functions and its Application

Chapter Ten : Expansion waves and Shock Wave
10-1 The Formation of Prandtl-Meyer Expansion Wave
10-2 The Calculation of Prandtl-Meyer Expansion Wave
10-3 Reflection and Interaction of P-M Expansion Wave
10-4 The Formation of Shock Wave and Normal Shock
10-5 Relation of Oblique Shock
10-6 Reflection and Interaction of Shock Waves
10-7 Conical Shock

Chapter Eleven : One-Dimensional Pipe-Flow
11-1 Pipe-Flow with Area Changes
11-2 Diverging Nozzle
11-3 de Laval Nozzle
11-4 Duct Flow with Friction
11-5 Duct Flow with Heat Transfer
11-6 Duct Flow with Mass Addition

Chapter Twelve : Characteristic of Steady Two-Dimensional Supersonic Flow
12-1 General Concept of Characteristic
12-2 Characteristic of Steady Two-Dimensional Irrotational Supersonic Flow
12-3 Characteristic of Steady Two-Dimensional Isentropic Supersonic Flow
12-4 Numerical Method of Characteristic

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